"Honor Of Muhammad" Sung In Madrid Cathedral (Video)

Cardinal Carlos Osoro Sierra has promoted an inter-religious concert in the famous Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, Spain, (March 21). Christian, Jewish and Muslim prayers were pronounced at the main …
Gullible Christians, Muslims will never allow even the mention of Jesus in their mosques, let alone a full performance of a Christian hymn. It's their choice if they want to stay on the joy ride to perdition.
Con todo respeto al cargo, este hombre es estúpido.
Links to unholy Quran reading, dervish dancing and the song in honor of antichrist Mahomet:
The wolves came ate the faithful and the "shepards" cheered the wolves on. Lord have mercy on these men in the road to hell.
This "cardinal" allowed to honour pedofile, killer, thief, etc. =sacrilage in God's House.
And non believer performers (moslems) thinks, for sure, how stupid are infidels=kafirs= "cardinal".
He will have to answer to the divine Judge, the Bonus Pastor...
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In Madrid, he is known as the “Spanish Francis.”
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Yes, a bergoglian cardinal