Francis refuses to kneel

Corpus Christi June 23, 2019
Maybe he's got bone on bone in his knees...or is that only in his head?....
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Bergoglio es un apostata que se rebela contra Dios y solo se arrodilla ante los que se rebelan contra Dios. ‘Los cristianos sólo nos arrodillamos ante Dios, jamás ante ningún poder terreno’: Benedicto XVI
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Is there someone that knows why the other priests keep the traditional garments for this event ? It's quite rare nowadays to see someone wearing them, isn't it ?
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Lord, in Your mercy, send us a conclave.
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angry bob
How Long Oh Lord?
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Lead by example. They will know you by your faith...... or lack there of.
That's exactly what he's doing, Jim.
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