"If anyone does not like this Pope [Francis]... take another road... Go become a Lutheran."

Francis's Head of Italian Bishops: If you don't like Francis "become a Lutheran"

Is it possible the Italian website pierolaporta.it could be telling the truth about Archbishop Loris Capovilla who Francis made a cardinal ...
Francis is the one that doesn't like the Catholic Church. He should be the one to leave.
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Or, you know... we can just continue ignoring Francis and waiting for somebody better to come along. Sooner or later Somebody Better will. :)
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Why would I want to become PROTESTANT? Francis is the protestant. I want the constant, true, sacred, dogmatic teachings of the First Church of Christ.
Not the Francis Church. He will die soon enough. I can wait. I have the sacraments and the Traditions of the Church.
It is easier to just ignore him.
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