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A mother who rejected abortion pressure

This mother was pressured by her fiance to abort and had the courage to chose life for her son. Abortion "was never even an option". Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone who saw this photo offered … More
@Our Lady of Sorrows, what a heart-felt article LifeSite News has published from Lumen Fidei Institute. Many faithful Catholics are still in shock, tormented by the horror, confused by God allowing such evil. It reminds me of the expression: "Pray as though everything depends on God; work as though everything depends on you." God's permissive will has indeed allowed this. Our free will has … More
Our Lady of Sorrows
"I have yet to see an apology from an Irish bishop, apologising for their
failure to instruct the youth of Ireland in the Catholic faith which,
of the 18-24-year cohort, has led to over 81% of these young Catholics
abandoning their faith and over 87.6% of them voting to allow abortion

in Ireland." Does that mean that 81% of young grown people in Ireland have left the church?
www.lifesitenews.… More
Our Lady of Sorrows
Jungerheld, you are so right, God bless you!
@Our Lady of Sorrows 500 *known* babies saved, I imagine. Who knows how many countless others will never have it be known they changed their mind and gave their child life!? These same bishops and cardinals also pressure the faithful with responsibility for "divisions" in the Church.
Our Lady of Sorrows
London Council bans pro-life vigils outside Ealing Abortion clinic, 500 babies were saved here. Shame on Cardinal Nichols and Bishops for not supporting Pro-life and highlighting evil of Abortion…/ealing-council-…