Step by step the satanists introduce NWO.
Jesteśmy w matrixie antychrysta, żyjemy w matrixie antychrysta, kto uzyska świadomość będzie Zbawiony
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So what is official statement about 9/11 2001?
Official Report about 9/11 is a false Report, that's why people do not believe in that's why people want to know the truth
Who did it?
How was it done?
US government hides the truth about 9/11
1. false Report 9/11
2. govn hiding the truth, cover up is obvious

I've been researching 9/11 ever since it happened, 3000 hours or more, checked … More
no to mam jednego czytelnika z Polski... poza zasięgiem

plus sześć z Italy, 3 z Usa