A man who endured painful surgery only to realise that he wasn’t trans but suffering from trauma.

Academic had gruelling sex swap surgery and then changed his mind at the last minute

The air-conditioned hospital room was as still as the grave. Somewhere beyond the window, the sun climbed above the hottest city on Earth. But lying …
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Blaming others for his stupidity isn't cool either. He's using the "McDonalds made me fat" argument.
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Eugene M
What about hospitals which perform those procedures? They have no problem doing it and we are supposed to trust them when it comes to our health.
If you read carefully, he flew to Bangkok Thailand for the surgery. "Surgical Tourism" is commonplace among these unfortunates. It's become the de facto way of getting what they want, when they want it, precisely because most Western European hospitals have much heavier (and profitable) standards before performing such... procedures.
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This is what happens when government and PC police step in (Canada, USA...) and punish people when we try to tell society the truth. The message never gets out and people are lead down the road to stupidity!
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Indeed, and sadly, we humans can't fix stupid. One would ponder that a man entrenched in the business of facilitating the resolve of " faith-based" crimes, would have some FAITH! May he repent and convert so that his eternal soul may be saved , which is far more important than his outer appearance . Lord have Mercy!
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