11 6 770 Nearly Doubled Its Visitors in One Year

With your unfailing help, managed to nearly double its monthly unique visitors in 2018. In autumn 2017 we registered each month around 2,5 million unique visitors, in autumn 2018 they were …
@Holy Cannoli Thanks for this list. According to your list there is a declining interest in the news show. I've never checked that an can therefore not comment.

Clicks and User statistics are rising enormous.
Holy Cannoli
Dear Eva,
Please comment on the following:

I did a search for the news presented by Doina and Lucia at approximately 3 month intervals arbitrarily beginning on August 2016. I listed the title of the news, the date the news was given and the number of hits for that particular news.

Gloria.TV News on the 12th of August 2016 11,000 hits.
One month later, Gloria.TV News on the 9th of September … More
Ave Crux
I think it's clearly linked to the fact that the news show with Doina and Lucia used to come out daily and was a regular source of news. Now it comes out only sporadically, so fewer people check it for updates. I know this has been the case with myself as it publishes very unpredictably, so I don't go there daily as I used to.
@Holy Cannoli Lists are made by someone according to a personal taste or interest (here to push EWTN and its products).

Look in Amazon's ranking list "" (the lower the number, the bigger the site).

Google = Place 1
Youtube = Place 2
Facebook = Place 3 = Place 9,142

Now the 5 "most popular" websites in your list. = 47,541 = 36,816 … More
Holy Cannoli
Dear Eva,
As you have written, GTV is listed 9,142 Global rank and the other sites are numbered as you have indicated. Another piece of information is that Facebook fans and Twitter fans for those other websites are listed at this site while GTV does not appear.…/20-most-popular…
What I still do not understand is how GTV can … More
@Holy Cannoli The lists also do not mention or - one may like them or not - but both are much more relevant than the mentioned ones.
Holy Cannoli
While acknowledging the accuracy of your findings, how can one explain the following in which there is no listing for Gloria.TV at all?

20 Most Popular Catholic Church Websites for 2018…/20-most-popular…
Top 100 Catholic Blogs And Websites To Follow in 2018
Last Updated Nov 27, 2018… More
I think it's quite easy to explain why has doubled the numbers of visitors within one year: because is loyal to the authentic teachings of Our Holy Mother Church even if compromised by the liberal hierarchy of the said church.
The Devil tries to distroy this work but he is unable to win that battle because our Mother Mary protect her flock.
GloriaTV is the best catholic website!
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