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Enemies Within

by Trevor Loudon. Could your congressman pass an FBI Security Check? “The Enemies Within Series” zooms in on the best-kept secret of modern politics. Almost no one is aware of the fact that fewer … More
No America was NOT founded on freemason principles. Just because a few were involved. Since when is limited governement, constitutional republic, divided powers, freedom of Speech,Religion,Defence, etc. a freemason principle?
Ave Crux
@malemp: you happen to be right about the freemasonic principles which founded this country.

Here is a link to a heavily-researched book written by a leading, respected, traditional, Catholic apologist who does a complete postmortem of American history and its founding.

He provides clear evidence this is the case:…/1621380068
Dr Bobus

You are right that masons played a great part in the foundation of the US. The structure of government, however, owes much to that of Ancient Rome. Thus, the neo classical architecture in Washington DC.

You are wildlying wrong about why Argentina is broke. Does the name Juan Peron sound familiar? Argentina was a rich country after WWII, but stupid Argentinian government caused the … More
Joseph a' Christian
@malemp - One of the most repulsive displays of the masonics here in North America, is the painting: “The Apotheosis of Washington.” It is on the ceiling of the capitol building. I had to look up the word apotheosis, it means, a man becomes a god. This blasphemous painting of the masonics, has goddesses beside their god Washington. When the slave owner Washington was alive, his satanic gang … More
Im not insulting you fanatic yankee, im telling the truth the nation was founded by freemasons, constitution, institutions and law are based on freemasonic , liberal principles , the people is another thing, and sorry to say that the worst anti-catholic sects : Mormons, Jehovas Witness etc etc born in this freemasonic country , thatS a fact. .....we southamericans are almost slaves of the dollar,… More
Holy Cannoli
You freely came to the English side of GTV and maliciously and brazenly insulted the entire United States with your intemperate comment. USA is "the" Freemasonic country, sorry but its true

In addition, your English writing skill (and likely your spoken English also) in inferior to even an elementary educated student in the United States.
Look maricon, you are a loser. Why don't … More
Holy Cannoli THE TRUTH is that, try you to write in spanish ? SUCKER
Holy Cannoli
Argentina is broke _ but IT is broke Because OF traitors AND freemasonic presidents who serve your country and England AND ARE masters of the great LODGE, just ALONG with FMI THE IMF and Wallstreet , Rockefellers, Soros and THE CIA... we have HAD enough (end the sentence with a … More
Only the tip of an iceberg... See Daniel Estulin on the Bilderbergs and the Tavistock Institute on social engineering for the masses, available from Amazon.
Pius XII urged Catholics to vote against Italian Communists to save Italy:
"The Decree Against Communism was a 1949 Catholic Church document issued by the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, and approved by Pope Pius XII, which… More
Argentina is broke _ but is broke cause traitors freemasonic presidents who serve your country and England masters of the great LODGE, just with FMI and Wallstreet , Rockefellers, Soros , Plannedparenthood and CIA... we have enough hly moron
Holy Cannoli
Your initial comment was:
USA is "the" Freemasonic country, sorry but its true

Does that mean I’m a Mason? Is the entire population of the US (325 Million people) all Masons?

Have there been and are there Masons in the US? You bet. Have there been presidents who were Masons? Yes.
But, guess what? They are all over including the Catholic Church.

It’s amusing, in a way, to watch an idiot compou… More
HOLY go and learn some history who are the fathers : washington and franklin, and all the bunch of puritans expelled from the anglican heretics, the stupid is yourself
Holy Cannoli
There are various levels of stupid comments made on this website but the following raises stupidity to a completely different level.

USA is "the" Freemasonic country, sorry but its true
USA is "the" Freemasonic country, sorry but its true
Wow, this really show the Enemies within our Government.