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The men he [Francis] has empowered at the Amazon Synod are dissenters from Catholic doctrine who intend to utterly transform the priesthood and the Church.

The Synod’s Dissenters | Dan Hitchens

At the Amazon Synod, Pope Francis has empowered critics of Catholic doctrine to try to impose destructive reforms on the Catholic Church.
Wiemannk This is why Pope Francis has replaced the head of the Vatican police with a man loyal to himself.
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The laity need the storm a Vatican and physically remove this globalist free mason heretic and his cohort from our Catholic Church.
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Thank you to the brave men for removing the idols, whilst the Clergy stood by and did nothing! they are too frightened to open their mouths, cowardly bunch.
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Should we call it Pachamama Synod ( or Ford Foundation Synod (Rorate Caeli)?
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