Francis: Benedict XVI and I "Appreciate Each Other"

Pope Francis has experienced in all encounters with Benedict XVI reverence, obedience, cordial closeness, understanding and friendship, he writes in a foreword to the German version of a biography …
Silly lot of soppy tosh!
Wait till march when the new catechism comes out revised. The our father prayer had been changed. And there's more...you will them be required to say and do and support all changes under pain of mortal sin.
Do know the hidden meaning of the freemanson apron ? It is, and covers the Holy of Holys. Thats right the way to God. Where one goes to be united and join with God. Don't you just love it how they hide deceive you in plain sight.
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Burn Francis burn
Ya I have no doubt your spiritual connection has DEEPENED Mr Francis with Mr bendict and Giorgio and a host of others and lets not leave out the "rent a boy" Fiasco that hit world news just a few years ago and oh lets not forget the " gay lobby" I am quite sure you all had a very deep penetration and connection spiritually