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Gay Fornication Removed from Altar after Protests

A sculpture of two men kissing each other was placed on a Sacred Heart side altar of the church in Seravezza, Italy, in the context of a July art exhibition directed by a certain Matteo Marchetti. …
I'm surprised nobody smashed that faggot filth with a sledge hammer.
If Bergoglio continues to plague Catholics, Luppi would be queer enough to be a Francisbishop.
Luppi should be removed immediately as "pastor," and laicized. He is a danger to souls.
Joseph a' Christian
EVIL. These queers are blatantly mocking, spittting at our Lord Jesus. They hate our Lord, our Church. These perverts place a sculpture promoting the unnatural, before a beautiful sculpture that honors The Holy Creator of nature. Remember when the deceitful homosexuals originally stated that they simply desired to love and be loved, be members of our Church?
A true Christian, in the vicinity of … More