Vienna Cardinal Suffers From Prostrate Cancer

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, 74, told the bishops’ conference on Friday that he suffers from prostate cancer. He will undergo surgery in May. Schönborn hopes of a good recovery. Most men …
God has a sense of humor. Glory to God in the highest.
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I think the PROSTRATE cancer (caused from a lack there of) in his case is worse than his ProsTate cancer. likes this.
Dr Bobus
Obviously, Schönborn could never have testicular cancer. and 2 more users like this. likes this.
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Remeber this, Schönborn?
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Satan harvest time.?
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MAYBE it is the only way for God to keep him from his perversions. He knows excactly which part of our flesh needs correction
God be praised
OH, I forgot God does not need help from FSSP to inflict the appropriate sufferings upon the soul for their sanctification
Oh, maybe God ASKED for advice from FSSP what He should do about Cardinal SCHONBORN PERVERSIONS
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