Cardinal Burke: Consecration of Russia Was Not Carried Out

The consecration of Russia was not carried out in the manner requested by Our Lady, said Cardinal Raymond Burke at the Fatima Centennial Summit in Texas last weekend. According to lifesitenews.com
the consecration occurred on March 25th 1984. Seven years later, December 25th 1991 is the day that Gorbachev resigned and the Russian Federation replaced the USSR. Seven is a biblical number. March 25th is the annunciation, December 25th is the birth of Jesus... is it a coincidence?
"The consecration of Russia was not carried out......", said Card. Burke. Well, that's only half of the story! It is imperative that one reads the WHOLE talk of the Cardinal. Otherwise you will fall prey very quickly to this diabolical disorientation.
Pray for the Consecration of Russia! Do the First Five Saturday devotion! www.fatima.org
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