Casually Dressed Bishop Becomes Successor of Cardinal

Bishop Abel Gabuza, 63, of Kimberley, South Africa, was appointed by Pope Francis on December 9 as Durban coadjutor-archbishop and therefore as the successor of Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, 77. Gabuza …
If he shows disrespect to his office (a post V2 cliché), that earns him credit with Francis. Now to see about the other requirements of a FrancisBishop which are unbelief and sexual perversion ( or friendliness to it).
Annunced on Sunday, and no curriculum of the coadjutor provided in the bollettino. (Anyway, a "Justice & Peace", pastoral, successor for Cardinal Napier.) press.vatican.va/…/01998.html
@alex j , very much needed
Don Reto Nay
He does not need to dress as a bishop. His embonpoint shows that he must be a bishop.
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alex j
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Probably not even Catholic.
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