Saint of the Day: September 17th - Saint Lambert, Bishop and Martyr

Butler'sLivesoftheSaints A.D. catholicsaints.info/time-line-709/.
[catholicsaints.info/patrons-of-bishops/ of Maestricht, and catholicsaints.info/patron-saints/ of Liege] catholicsaints.info/saints/ Landebert, called in latter ages Lambert, was a native of Maestricht, and born of a noble and wealthy family, who had been Christians for many descents. His father caused him to be instructed from his infancy in sacred learning, and afterwards recommended him to Saint Theodard to perfect his education. This holy bishop had succeeded Saint Remaclus, first, in the government of his two great abbeys of Malmedi and Stavelo, and, ten years after, when the former retired to Stavelo, in the episcopal see of Maestricht. He had such an esteem for this illustrious and holy pupil, that he spared no attention in instructing and training him up to the most perfect practice of Christian virtue. Saint Theodard, in 669, resolved to go to King Childeric II, who resided in Austrasia, to obtain an order …More
St Lambert ora pro nobis
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