“It is absolutely no conspiracy theory to say that Freemasonry holds strong political power over society. There are solid proofs”

Confessions of a Former Freemason Officer, Converted to Catholicism

Serge Abad Gallardo, a former senior official of the French government and venerable master of the Freemasons, reveals Freemasonry’s anti-Christian …
Warren Memlib
Catholic Freemasons are “certainly not” excommunicated[!], an Austrian priest and member of Vatican interfaith dialogue body has said. novenanews.com/freemasons-cath…
Novella Nurney
So, does the Church in Australia understand the dire nature of this ? They only a few months ago " decided Freemasonry was not against the Church". Go figure. Sadly, Australia received the most press , but it iui s rampant in Malta and the Americas.