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Francis, Gay Couples Cannot Form A Family - Abortion Laws Like Nazis

People today speak of various kinds of family but “the family as man and woman is the only one”, Pope Francis said speaking to the Forum delle Famiglie (June 16). According to Ansa, Francis furthe…
amarillo mentioned this post in Dnes je uz kazdy fasista.. Nie celkom ,ale podla medii kazdy kto je krestan je z niecoho krivo obvi….
Says it AFTER Ireland and Argentina legalise abortion. Cyncism thy name is Francis.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Its a shame the Pope did not speak to the Irish BEFORE the Referendum telling them that abortion is MURDER and they will be EXCOMMUNICATED if they voted to end a child's life like any faithful shepherd would have done
Once in a blue moon he actually says something Catholic only to counteract it with something completely UnCatholic and off the wall!
That was another 'orthodox Saturday' remark, that leaves Bergolio with 6 other heterodox days.
Just wait for it... he will do or say something super heretic next time to trash what he just said, the confusion is on pourpose.
De Profundis
But Pope Francis praised more than once Emma Bonino, who killed countless children with her own hands, as a 'forgotten great'. The duplicity of Francis is mind boggling.
Maybe Bilderbergs told him through Parolin to show more faith....
Bergoglio YOU will not FOOL the Gay Lobby this time
You put your right foot in,You take your right foot out,You put your right foot in,And you shake it all about,You do the hokey pokey,And you turn yourself around, That's what Jorge's all about!
Dr Bobus
He tells people what they want to hear. His audience was Forum delle Famiglie.
Don't listen to his words, listen to his actions.
Coincidentally Irish people are ringing their bishops telling him not to come to Ireland seeing as he wouldn't speak up for the babies during our referendum. now he has something to say.