European court rules against German homeschooling family | DW | 10.01.2019

The court found that German authorities did not violate the parental rights of the Wunderlich family by forcing their children to attend school. …
"The Court found in particular that the enforcement of compulsory school attendance in order to ensure the children’s integration into society was a relevant reason for justifying the partial withdrawal of parental authority."
alex j
Damn! Germans again. They have never understood the primacy of family over all else in the secular world and only secondary to Almighty GOD in all spiritual endeavours. Once again this is clear evidence of 'democracy' on the wane.
liberal governments they want to control ,your body mind and soul ,No religion freedom no speach freedom
Same group that voted it was ok to put people in ovens and then later voted to shoot people wanting to leave Germany!
A broken moral compass if there ever was one........
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