Dr Bobus

Sophisticated Lefeverist Smuggling Tunnel Found Under Vatican Walls

The largest cross-boarder Lefeverist smuggling tunnel to date was discovered in a midnight raid earlier today by Swiss Guards. The smugglers fled,
Dr Bobus
I met Abp Lefebvre in 1972-3 at Fontgombault
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@Reiss -You may or may not have noticed that all the comments regarding this satire from Eye of the Tiber misspell all references to the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. I wonder how much the bloggers know about the man and what he stood for. Sarcastic comments might be entertaining to some but at least get then man's name correct.
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This story is so bizzare I don't know what is credible. Who are "undocumented Lefeverists?" I can't stop laughing!! Are these followers of the late Archbishop Lefebvre who secretly meet as did the Knights Templar hoarding the goods?