Prostelyzation bad for Catholic truth but fine for Pachamama

Prostelyzation - Bad For Catholic Truth But Fine For Pachamama

A Christmas concert at the Vatican a few weeks ago featured a tutorial in how to participate in pachamama idol worship. Yes, this idol-wors...
Don't the photos accompanying this story depict masons? They show men with aprons on, which are symbols of masonry. Now this would be VERY interesting if the arms crossed in a gesture (like the Pachamama idol worship) also uses the gesture of crossing of arms. Yikes! This is getting blatant and demonic.
Catholics all over the world ,need to wake up ,dont let these prelates ,fool you ,we need to stay Truthfull to the Word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ,so therefore ,RESIST REJECT REFUSE ALL evil idiologies even if it comes from the pope ,we follow the Truth and the TRuth is Jesus ,and when vatican is not following the Truth we dont follow them ,and beaware where your money is going to .