Priest Participates in a Boxing Match

Father Jacek Stryczek (in red), who is widely known in Poland, boxed last weekend against Andrzej Supron (64), an Olympic silver medal winner. The fight ended in a draw. It took place during the …
Holy Cannoli
The event was to benefit charity and included some high profile (managers and businessmen) individuals. It wasn't a serious contest. Because of that, I'd say it's ok for the priest to participate. Whether or not the Olympian knocked a little sense into Father Jacek is debatable. 😁
This breeds the negative in us: anger, violence, hurting another. A priest's job is to hear confessions and say Holy Mass!
I don't like stuff like this. Instead shouldn't the priest be saying Holy Mass to box the Devil and not spending his time trying to knock out a fellow Child of God.