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For Francis Fornication Seems to Be Okay - His New Sin Is "Violating Nature"

Pope Francis has warned moral theologians of an "ecological emergency" which he called “the cry of the earth, violated and wounded”. The reason for this is "selfish exploitation", he told an audience…
This worship of Gaia is just plain paganism, in contradiction to tradition and Scripture.
Francis in this speech: "The same must be said for the cry of the earth, violated and wounded in a thousand ways by selfish exploitation. The ecological dimension is a necessary component of the responsibility of every person and every nation. I reflect on the fact that when I administer Reconciliation – even before when I did so – only rarely does someone admit to having carried out an act of … More
Pagans worship nature, the moon, sun and animals etc.…/St-Peters-Basil…
He tries to pass as a pagan, because he is a communist kabbalist gnostic; and earth worshiping is part of the revolution of materialists-nihilist-degenerate-globalists; term that he translates, as the gnostic, kabbalist he is, as "tenderness".