Pence: Abortion will end in U.S. 'in our time'

Vice President Pence predicted Tuesday that legal abortion would end in the U.S. "in our time." "I know in my heart of hearts this will be the genera…
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What an awesome prolife team -Trump and Pence! God bless them both! America needs you!
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This lie of a nation, begun by satanic masonics, has collapsed. Homosexual marriage made legal, is a very strong revelation that the DisUnited States is dead. No, Mr. Pence pagan america will kontinue to kill babies.
Holy Scripture Is the True Llaw.
God bless VP Pence!
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This is the good adviser of President Trump when it comes to religion ,we christians should give thanks to God for having Pence as VP ,.a previleged position ,"a man of good will",We Catholics that believe that life is sacred ,and that abortion is evil we support you .Thank you
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Pence is in for a backlash from the more progressive bishops for his unmerciful and insensitive prediction. A merciful and compassionate Christian would take the feelings of Planned parenthood executives into consideration before making such a judgement. Where is the welcome, the dialogue?
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This is what you call a good, quiet, above the fray beginning.