Former Prime Minister of the UK Gordon Brown has called on world leaders to create “a temporary form of global government” to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle coronavirus | Politics

‘The more you intervene to deal with the medical emergency, the more you put economies at risk,’ says Gordon Brown. Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA …
All your rights are suspended.. It's "temporary". Martial law.. Just "temporary". Global government ? Temporary. ---and "temporary" means just until people start getting colds and the flu again in the late fall. Then "temporary" will be extended on a "temporary" basis. Then the media stars pushing everyone to accept it as "the new normal" because it's "for the common good."
A poor man has much more interest in good government than a rich man. A poor man must stay and be misgoverned; a rich man has a yacht.
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The New World Order. A One World Government.
Our Lady of Sorrows
He attended Bilderberg meeting…/the-bildgerberg… (see comments section for list of attendees)