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Time for Resignation: Cardinal O’Malley’s Double Standard

Boston Cardinal O’Malley who presents himself as the big abuse inquisitor, admitted on Monday that he ignored a letter detailing abuses committed by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. This came more than … mentioned this post in Behold! How They Love One Another: Cardinal O'Malley Turns Against Cardinal Dolan.
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Totally agree.
O’Malley Welcomed McCarrick to Boston Fundraiser After Letter Detailing Sex Abuse

As bishop of Fall River MA, O’Malley was accused by the local prosecutor of concealing offenders’ names until the statute of limitations had expired.

As Bishop O’Malley was leaving the diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, in 2002, the local prosecutor, Bristol County District Attorney Paul Walsh, took the … More
Who sets the criteria for passing on the mail to the superior? The superior. He tells his staff, I need to see such and such, I don't need to see such & such. Somewhere along the line Card. O'Malley told his staff "I don't need to see letters making allegations of sexual abuse"
Gesù è con noi
Apostate Pro Gay Sean O’Malley is part of the Gay Network infiltrated inside the Church.
McCarrick: “The Bishops Conference is anxious to understand how Theodore McCarrick could have been named Bishop, Archbishop and Cardinal.”
De Profundis
"Allegations regarding Archbishop McCarrick’s sexual crimes were unknown to me until the recent media reports. I understand not everyone will accept this answer given the way the Church has eroded the trust of our people."
Sólo Díos basta
This guy really wants to keep his red hat and position, doesn't he. Not a careerist. Oh no, not he.

He claims that his office received a letter from Father Boniface Ramsey about McCarrick in 2015, but his priest secretary did not show it to him because it fell outside the purview of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.
Sólo Díos basta
Cardinal O’Malley says “allegations regarding Archbishop McCarrick’s sexual crimes were unknown to me until the recent media reports.” Mention of “crimes” leaves open the possibility that he had heard of McCarrick’s non-criminal predatory behavior.