Cardinal Schönborn, “John Paul II. Missed Half Of The Moral Teaching”

Pope Francis is "moving ahead", but partly “in a very lonely way” according to Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. Talking to the anti-Church German weekly Zeit (January 11), he admitted that with …
paul grech
VRS saints are not made by popes! A pope only declares a manifestly holy person to be a saint. Holiness and sainthood are attained by the grace of God.
paul grech
To compare the heretic Bergoglio with Saint Pope John Paul II is indeed ludicrous! If Bergoglio had a fraction of the intelligence and the holiness of John Paul II he would not be the heretical half wit that he is. Schonborn is obviously one of Bergoglio's lackeys!
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Jim Dorchak
All those Cardinals ,Bishops priests that dont like the Truth of the Gospel ,they can leave and join the protestants .
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THe Truth will set you free ,and the 4 Cardinals are on the side of Truth
This man should clean up his own backyard [Vienna Abortion Museum Has Something To Hide] before attacking a Saint. Or may be the pro-life stance of John Paul II also bothers him since on his territory there are zealous pro-choice activists?
De Profundis
Unfortunately you can't say about Schönborn: "He was raised Catholic, but he actually knows something about it."