A MUST: Interview with Professor Didier Raoult in the Parisien newspaper 22 March 2020

Professor Raoult is a leading expert on infectious diseases. He is confident he has a cure for Covid 19, which he is using in his Marseille hospital. He is having trouble getting the French health …
A quack.
This is a highly informative article. I love Dr. Raiult's no bullshit style.
Jim Dorchak
I have always thought the best cure is not to be in the middle of the bulls eye. Nukes, War, Cities, Ect,,,, best to be out where no one cares and it is safe and clean and you can grow your own food.
F M Shyanguya
Professor Charlatan Didier Raoult
Don Reto Nay
Why would you say this?
Don Reto Nay fake virus + fake cure = fake news - ps there are now numerous scientifical reports and data proving coronavirus to be false flag. You may find on my profile scientifical evidence in English, Polish and German....
F M Shyanguya
Plus viruses have no vaccines against them or cure.
Didier Raoult is not a charlatan and people are cured in Marseille : it is a fact.
F M Shyanguya
Coronavirus disease = common cold/flu. If they are cured it is just as anyone who gets a cold or flu are cured.
Roberto 55
To Shyanguya: You said viruses have no vaccines against them or cure. If it's true, then every living organism except viruses ( they are not living org.) will be dead in very short time.
F M Shyanguya
The boogeyman terror. The body fights viruses naturally. Plagues are from God and he has power over them. Even if there were no natural cure, God can cure.

Let those who tout vaccines demonstrate one against any of the viruses that cause the common cold, - mankind has had those from time immemorial - of which Coronavirus is one.
The best cure is to reason and not panick. It is of no cost and risk of side effects. Strenghtening Catholic faith and natural immune system is the best way out of corona freak.