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Washington Post's Amazing Editorial - By Bill Donohue

The June 22 editorial in the Washington Post is a marvel. Writing about the accusation made against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, it notes that the alleged offense took place almost 50 years ago, “…
Soyons clair ! Quand ils veulent en passer un à la moulinette, c'est super facile : c'est le procédé habituel des francs-maçons.
Does this guy realize that there is an entire NETWORK of gay predators in the hierarchy? McCarrick is only the very tip of the iceberg. The swamp must be DRAINED. Who cares how small the Church becomes! Like I've said, no one knows 'who knew what and when' but I'll guarantee you some ABSOLUTELY KNEW and some were covering for each other.
Dr Bobus
He's still a Cardinal because of Bella Figura. The hierarchy doesn't want any bad news to interfere with the Church's message of Joy! Joy! Joy!. It's bad for business. In fact, Cardinal Ratzinger became famous because he was the first important Cardinal to oppose the company line that Vat II documents had dropped down from heaven.
Holy Cannoli
Why is McCarrick still a Cardinal?

Good question!

It could be Rome’s desire to maintain the status quo and say nothing so as not to alienate the “other big names” who are just as queer as McCarrick. Or, my opinion, it’s because McCarrick knows where too many of the other N.O. skeletons are buried and if he were to be outed grand scale then he might flip and spill the beans on the other … More
Dr Bobus
Why is McCarrick still a Cardinal?
Dr Bobus
When news of priest-scandals were just trickling out, a local priest, a Carmelite Neo con would sometimes during a homily blame the media for exaggerating and sensationalizing the situation.

Some months later the media brought the story of a local pastor with a solid reputation who had carried on with an 18 year old male. The archbishop told him that if he wanted to stay in the priesthood, he … More
Holy Cannoli
Brash chubby Billy is doing what brash chubby Billy does to justify his $482,673 take. He massages the truth. Not a bad salary for being the leader of a “charitable” organization that pulls in a total of $2,960,292 from its contributors. (Dec. 2015 numbers)

I believe that Billy knows of the following shocking stories regarding McCarrick. But brash Billy’s relationship with the truth has … More
Dr Bobus
Whatever the media is, it pales compared to McCarrick's pajama parties for priests and seminarians. He had a history of this and kept being promoted because of the influence of his friends.

McCarrick is a lying sodomite who never defended the faith.
They're media. They're malicious dunces.