On St. Sebastian’s feast day, a Spanish town pummels men dressed as monsters with turnips. Then everybody goes to Mass. Read why.

On St. Sebastian’s feast day, this Spanish town pummels men dressed as Jarramplas with turnips

Piornal, Spain, Jan 12, 2020 / 05:00 am (CNA).- Every year on the feast of St. Sebastian, a young man from the Spanish village of Piornal dons a …
To Ultraviolet Continued fully associated with the formal heresies promulgated by the man you continue to recognize as Christ’s earthly Vicar.
If you stopped recognizing antipope francis you would see that Catholic culture is widespread and any “decline” is fullynassociated
False association, since the decline of Catholic culture has been widely decried even by those who share your views on the Papacy.
The term “ catholic culture “ is as broad as a barn door. Indeed it can be reduced in its essence to wherever you have one practising catholic there you by definition have “ “catholic culture”.
There is no decline therefore on that basis
With 1.2 billion “ catholic cultures”. And growing.
Among traditionalists, "Catholic culture" has a much more narrow scope and, last time I checked, this is indeed a traditionalist-oriented site.

Now if you want to get really nit-picky (and it seems you do), in this context, "culture" requires more than one person. So, no, "by definition" there aren't 1.2 billon Catholic cultures and counting.
Whatever the origin, it's nice to see Catholic culture is still vibrant...somewhere at least.