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Vatican Commissions the Italian Familia Christi

The flourishing Italian Old Rite community Familia Christi was put under a commissioner by Cardinal Luis Ladaria, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (December 1). This …
@tbswv a possible relevant example is that that Bishop Rifan, who now heads TLM society 'Personal Prelature of St John Mary Vianney,' founded to keep alive the efforts of the bishop de Castro Mayer, co-consecrator with Archbishop Lefebvre, which was integrated into the Conciliar church, concelebrated a NOM with Francis. Francis can tolerate a TLM group, but only if they can give a definite … More
And to think the SSPX will one day be integrated into the post conciliar church. Francis would not tolerate any traditional order to carry on as usual. He would not doubt require them to assist at the Novus Ordo.
“Look, Holy Father! This is an ancient book. It contains the timeless teachings of the Church as passed down from the apostles.” Francis: “No thanks.”
Filthy Frank is a noxious, vindictive old man. His time will pass. The Chair will have a worthy occupant.
De Profundis
Here is a blog on the persecution of the Familia Christi by the new, liberal Archbishop of Ferrara: