Feminists Mocking Our Lady

In Front of a Church.
If muslims had watched that scene, they wouldn't have tolerated it, to say the least. Isa and Miriam (Jesus and Mary) are holy persons to them, although in an entirely different manner.
Pray for these creations, Hell awaits them. Even demons do not dare to mock our lady....
really revolting and shameful these feminists they would never have the courage to insult Mohammed ,would they ???
@Tesa , any details regarding location? Country, city, church?
I've heard of this sort of thing in Spain. Its Left is very anticlerical.
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....and yet these same people would scream about "intolerance" if anyone mocked Islam -even in spite of the Quran's notably anti-feminist views. Funny thing about that.
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God will act, soon.
How dearly, how very dearly they will regret this on the day of their judgement.