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House of Loreto: Altar Replaced by Table

The altar in the famous House of Loreto in central Italy has been replaced by a table which allows to "preside" the Novus Ordo liturgy facing the pews instead of facing God, …
Thank you Caroline, zig had no idea.
I would love to visit someday.....
History repeats itself.

During the time of the Macabbean revolt - the same situation had taken place in the Jewish Temple. There were 5 invalid High Priests who usurped the authority of True High Priests and they altered the Liturgy - invalidated the Sacrifice - and placed a new Altar "up and against" the Holy Altar used for the Traditional worship in the Temple in Jerusalem.

Some, fled to the … More
And bolted down in the past five years.
I only wish I was there and had a 20 pound sledge hammer. The bishops love the table because it's so protestant, just like them.
A lot of them have been bolted down in ancient churches and basilicas all over Rome.