Pleased to see the vast majority of the replies to that thread are calling the Telegraph out for the stupidity on display in that article.

Why men should give their wives a cheat pass this Christmas

When I told my husband I was interviewing a writer who thinks men should give their wives a ‘cheat pass’ this Christmas, he understandably had some …
What about a brain for christmas for the writer ?
Ave Crux
This is the typical subterfuge of introducing the morally unthinkable and untenable and using it to desensitize and further penetrate the fabric of society, as those "ripe" enough to get on board take articles like these as encouragement, and those who initially would never consider it are moved one step closer to doing so. God save us, JESUS, Mercy!
Linking it with the Nativity of Our Lord is unbelievable.
De Profundis
Adultery destroys families, it permanently damages the lives of children, and destroys the married couple