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Bishop Schneider Corrects Francis' Wrong Statement

Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider has corrected Pope Francis’ claim that the different religions are willed by God. Schneider writes on (February 8) that Christianity … mentioned this post in Cardinal Müller Counters Crisis - With a Four-Page-Creed.
God bless and protect Bishop Athanasius Schneider, that he be heard and believed everywhere!
Many Catholics and BS. Schneider know for sure that the pope is trying to establish One-World religion. God is rescuing the RCC now which is Jesus Christ's Church.
Could one say that no religion is God-willed exept Christianity? Did God not give the Law to Moses? Did Jesus and Mary not go to the synagogue and observed the Jewish Law? One may say that the Jewish faith finds its fulfillment in Jesus Christ, but still, God is faithful to His chosen people, and their religion is not only willed by God but God is the very origin of it.
Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism… More
We need a 1000 Bishops like this. Let us pray.