Support for Gay Marriage - Fr. Richard Heilman

Reprinted with permission from Fr. Richard Heilman's Facebook page: Over the past 20 short years, the country has completely flipped on sodomite "marriages" (sodomy ... we are all clear what that is,…
People in search of Truth resist conforming with the world ,and swim against the flow
@mccallansteve It was St Caterine of Siena
The synagogue of satan owns most of the media. Harvey Weinstein gave us an example of who's feeding most human minds.

Jesus proklaimed, blessed are the pure of heart, they shall see Almighty God.
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According to one saint (I forget which one) even the devils are disgusted by this sin because its against nature. They encourage it but flee when it is being committed.
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the sheep got lost ,became too materialistic ,and the shepperds the same if not worst they didnt bother to warn the sheep of the dangers of sinning ,some shepperds dont even believe in hell ,even though our Lord Jesus mention it so many times