Parish priest breaks the silence, shares that he is gay

For years now, I have been carrying a heavy burden, a secret cloaked in silence that the leaders of my church have not wanted me to share publicly. …
In this article, this homosexual equates his keeping silent about his perverse desires, to the Proffet Jerimiah not preaching. Wow!
The world is a lie.
Jesus Is Truth.
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All human beings are called to love chastely. If you are faithful, why see yourself defined by a sexual desire? Or does declaring yourself gay give you an imagined ticket for sexual love?
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Now that you came out ,what are you going to about it of the closet .Are you rmoving yourself from priestwood ? are you going to be celibate , if you are not doing one of these 2 you are contradicing the Catholic church ,and you should be removed
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