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Liberal SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg in hospital

Ultra-liberal Justice Rith Bader Ginsburg, 85, is in hospital with broken ribs after a fall in her office.…/ruth-bader-gins… More
alex j
Her fall from grace is more troubling!
I'll be she has no fear of her particular judgement and is extremely proud of her radical pro abortion stance.
Prayers for her repentance and conversion. Likelier than Francis supporting the TLM.
God have have mercy on her ,she needs it
@Holy Cannoli I like the tweet that says her office "should be lined with pillows until 2020"... which begs the question, THEN what?
Holy Cannoli
People Promptly Offer Bones of Their Own (and their organs) After Ruthie Fractures Her Ribs…/article22134355…

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