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Medjugorje is FAKE!!!!

This is from one of Arthur Clarke shows.
Nothing more than a cult. We don't need apparitions to increase our faith. We have everything in the holy sacrifice of the mass Our Lord truly present. What more could one want.
@mccallansteve It is a Marian shrine, it is NOT satanic!!! I am not saying that the daily apparitions are true, something is fake, exaggerated, but it is simply a place of prayer; don’t say blasphemy.
There is something wrong, I know; better going on pilgrimage to Fatima!
Fake , for sure but you forgot to mention it's satanic , too.
The local ordinary, the present bishop of Split, and predecessor have not been supportive of the shrine, in fact hostile. Lourdes, Knock were supported or at least approved by the local bishop. That precludes any support from me. Anyhow lots either side on the topic. Prayers and peace all
Wayside Shrine Maker
I'm no proponent of Medjugorje but perhaps God allows this doubt to enter the minds of the "clever" who like to think there way out of an argument. Just like the silly explanation of Jesus multiplication of the bread as just "sharing". Perhaps it is the same as the Carbon 14 test of the Shroud. Again, I am not knowledgeable enough to argue one way or the other about Mdjugorie, but I smell quasi … More