Dolan on abuses: “It’s not about gay or straight, liberal or conservative, Viganò or Pope Francis,” he maintained. “It’s about right and wrong.” Dolan on Wuerl: the Church “needs him” in order to … More

Cardinal Dolan says it's not about Viganò v. Francis but right v. wrong

Cardinal Timothy Dolan said the Church has faced one crisis after another in an interview on Thursday, while addressing the Church's response to …
"Recent Revelations.....have jeopardized its (The Church's) moral authority to speak on other issues such as the sanctity of human life, immigration and the environment."

Cardinal Dolan, the task you are given is to preach as much as possible warning others about spiritual issues - the 4 last things, Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell; and to confirm others in the Faith and prove that Jesus … More
Its about Modernism, its about the World overcoming those in the Church, its about an obvious homosexual agenda coming at of Rome, its about not letting those pushing the homosexual agenda in the Church be the ones who lead the reform, its about teaching the true Teaching of the Church, its about the Pope guarding the teachings of the Church not reinventing them,its about not being afraid of the … More
Of course the interview is with CNN. His cronies.