Lourdes Torchlight Procession
Pilgrims in wheelchairs visit Lourdes
(from the official diocesan investigation into the events at Lourdes)
Priest investigator: "It seems unworthy of the Blessed Virgin to have told you to eat grass."
Bernadette: "Well, we eat salad."
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“I must pray, she said, for the conversion of sinners. I asked her many times what she meant by that, but she only smiled. Finally with outstretched arms and eyes looking up to heaven she told me she was the Immaculate Conception.” -St. Bernadette Soubirous
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Very few Catholics today would even know what Lourdes is. That goes for the teaching of the faith, too.
No communion in the hand here. Also notice the devout behavior of the faithful. How times have changed!
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On this day in 1858, a peasant girl called Bernadette Soubirous was collecting firewood when she noticed the presence of a Lady in the Grotto. Oue Lady appeared 18 times. She said
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