The Silence of the Church Deafens the World by Msgr. Charles Pope

The Martyrdom of Eleazar the Scribe| creative commons The books of First and Second Maccabees, which we read every year at this time in the Divine Office, are especially pertinent for us today, when …
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Another quote, Msgr. Pope: "Yes, it is better to die than to lead the faithful into error and sin... it is better to obey God than man, that the fear of the Lord must be greater than the fear of any man... and that no punishment is worse than eternal damnation."
Bishop Strickland reacts to Msgr. Pope
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“Attributed” or ‘Realistically Proven’ ?
Catherine S
That is precisely the point. The errors have been *attributed* to him, and if he has not promoted them, does not believe them, then he must rebuke them. Would you allow someone to claim you said of did something you didn't do, especially if it led others down the wrong path?
"Please, Holy Father, I beg of you to set the record straight by rebuking the errors attributed to you and by asserting the true and Catholic faith. We need you to confirm all of us ... in the truth. Do not allow lies or errors to proliferate”
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