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Don Reto Nay

Moldova: Police arrest Christians for disrupting LGBTQ march in Chisinau

Welcome to the Western "values", Moldova.
Holy Cannoli
One of the takeaways from this clip is that the majority of the homo supporters were young. The protesters (in general) were older. Is it anti-establishment rebellious youth or what?
Christian persecution is upon us!
are all the police in Chisinau gay or lesbian? weird!!
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli: Your comment is perhaps a bit naiv. The police only intervenes when Christians "disturb" gay marches, never when homosexuals (brutally) attack Christians.
Note 'Love is love' heart is on BLACK background!
Don Reto Nay
Notice that the march was supported by the U.S. Embassy (despite? Trump)
Homosexuality/Sodomy = EVIL
Look at all these fag enablers defending the sodomites. How pathetic. They attack and remove the elderly, women, and children defending Christ so that the devil's army can march on through.
My condolences to the families of Moldova.
Holy Cannoli
Peaceful protest is a practical and legal way to express displeasure over anything religious or secular.
Once that proetst desends into an illegal activity (such as blocking sidewalks or streets from public access) that protest ought to be stopped as it was in this video.

Incidentally, was anyone from GTV among the Moldovan protesters? I’m almost sure I saw one of the GTV lady news presenters … More
VIVA SATAN and his tool communist european union...