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There Will Be No «Deal» For the Next 12 Years

There Will Be No «Deal» For the Next 12 Years The final statement of the July General Chapter of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X refers explicitly to the declaration made by Archbishop Lefebvre … More
Dr Bobus mentioned this post in Cardinal Farrell & others close to Uncle Ted.
SSPX - USA District
Thank you for the coverage on our important General Chapter this month. Here is additional news coverage!
El obispo argentino retirado Juan Rodolfo Laise, un verdadero confesor de la Fe y luchador contra la Comunión en la mano, señaló en una entrevista con que en la Iglesia actual hay poco cuidado por lo sagrado. Él señala que la jerarquía es en parte responsable de esto. Gloria TV Noticia
El Sacerdote Laise de 92 años de edad sabiamente enseña: Solo hay una forma de recibir la … More
Holy Cannoli
There Is Only One Way to Receive Communion
Regarding the Last Supper, with due respect to Leonardo, it is most likely that the table was a simple plank on the floor or only slightly elevated from the floor. Jesus and his apostles would have sat around this plank by reclining on the floor on top of cushions.

We are told this was a rented upper room, and don't have a wealth of information … More
Pro migration bishops seem to be paragons of vice.