10-year-old Christian children get suspended from school for not accepting the LGBT ideology.

UK Headmistress Suspends Two 10-Year-Olds for ‘Homophobia’

The headteacher of a primary school in South London suspended two 10-year-old Christian children from school for alleged “homophobia.”
From the country that gave us Orwell, the man who famously coined the concept of "thought-crime".
Thank GOD .... really thank God.. that someone recognizes that these kids do not belong in that school! The parents should have removed them long ago because the school is a bad environment for them. So thank you God for removing these kids from continued abuse.
Logo-phobia seems to be the way of life of the Headmistress..

Nb: John 18. The world hates me.
2006: "How does two men getting married affect you?"
2019: "Your children must participate in our Pride events or else they will get suspended."
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