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Vatican Creates Syncretistic Logo With Muslim Crescent Moon

The Vatican has published the official logo for Pope Francis’ visit to Morocco (March 30-31). It shows the cross enveloped by the Islamic crescent moon. The Vatican explained in a statement (January …
Jesus said : Iam the Way ,the Truth and Life ,no one comes to the Father ,but by Me
Someone on Twitter referred to it as two swords and a crescent.
"According to Al Azhar professor , Muslims can be tolerant of the cross—they can even wear and pray to it—but only when in need of deceiving Christians, whom the learned professor portrayed as the natural enemies of Muslims". Raymond Ibrahim Blog —
Islamic Hate for the Christian Cross
Lateran Council V (Ecumenical XVIII)

The Muslims treat the Cross and Salvation with complete contempt

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servant of nope
Bergoglio servant of George Soros and the devil.
Ave Crux
The Crescent engulfing and swallowing the Cross....What could be more emblematic of this Pontificate? COME, LORD JESUS!
Bergoglio has departed from the Catholic faith completely even the Vatican II condemned this heresy of syncretism and this heresy of religious indifferentism that is a great apostasy and great blasphemy against the Holy Trinity that corresponds to the practitioners of freemasonry who hate the cross of Christ.
I'm sure Morocco approves wholeheartedly.