Archbishop Paglia Is a Liar: Existence of Commission Officially Confirmed

Monsignor Alejandro Cifres from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has admitted that there is a commission which on behalf of Pope Francis "investigates" the history of Paul VI's encycli…
There are those Protestants who converted to Catholicism in part because they saw the Truth about contraception and that the Catholic Church was alone in defending that Truth.
It to bad Monsignor Alejandro Cifres you forgot to hide your freemanson handshake with Benedict when he was pope. A picture is worth a thousand words. Also you forgot to hide the freemanson right hand path and left hand path of luciferianism of the mansions again a picture speaks a thousand words. You freaked fake traitor Freemason an apostate liar.who cares what you have to say !!!!!!
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