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Nathan Phillips approached the students

According to @MaxLondberg of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Nathan Phillips approached the group of students after concluding that they were trying to chant over a ceremony in which he was participating.
Here another great comment (Waiting for the mass exodus of honest people from the corrupt as hell Democratic Party)
The Left is now coming for our children
More fake news from the Washington Post. They get the story wrong, defame a boy, so now instead of apologizing and printing a retraction, they shift the goalposts:…/catholic-church…
“The teen has been called the product of a ‘hate factory’ and likened to a school shooter, segregation-era racist, and member of the Klu Klux Klan ... This is shaping up to be one of the biggest major media misfires in quite some time.”
Holy Cannoli
Hopefully the full truth will come out soon and these kids will not be punished despite the Kentucky Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High's rush to judgement.…/teens-taunted-n…

It was the MAGA hats and the implied support for the president that led to this nonstory. The hats inflamed the crowd and were the impetus for the universally biased reporting by the … More
Can't understand the camera guy jibberish. Pagans do the work of the devil.
They shouted at him, "You white people go back to Europe. This is not your land!" He stared them down.
The full video, background, and events of the Covington Catholic students and Nathan Phillips are now emerging and can only embarrass a number of media outlets/ppl who were quick to attack the students.
De Profundis
All of those who have bothered to watch the fuller video, and especially those who initially rushed to judgment on the basis of partial evidence, should stand against this slander.
He walked up to them. That’s the point.
It was a set up by a known progressive activist, who then filmed himself claiming chants of "build the wall" (videos show that didn't happen), and the guy crying. It was a stunt and when the kids didn't act badly, they claimed it anyway
So: An elderly native American man came right up to a student, beat a drum in his face, miled and didn't move. What was the boy supposed to do? Get on his knees?
De Profundis
Honest question: Should kids be punched? Think about it libs.
“Punching down” is what the powerful do when they feel like they’re losing.
De Profundis
"The videos appear to depict more than one engagement ... and without knowing which happened first, and what circumstances led to the first encounter, it’s hard to form any conclusions, if fairness is your objective."
Liberals love abortion so much they'll resort to any lie and falsehood to defame pro-lifers. Just remember: they defend the slaughtering of babies! No low blow is beyond them.