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Questionable Vatican Advisor Makes Questionable Claims About "Deaconesses"

Women served in the first millennium as deacons “in sacramental roles,” Phyllis Zagano claimed in front of a gullible (January 15). Zagano is a dissident American theologian and … mentioned this post in Majority of US Bishops Would [Invalidly] Ordain Women.
Francis meets with fellow-Protestants from Finland
So we had a Commision on the female diaconate. Why not ones on other archialogical anomalies: Bishopless ordinations? Presbyter lead diocese? Masses without the Consecration?
De Profundis
"Having women in the diaconate will make the Catholic clergy kinder and gentler." How many kind and gentle feminists have you met?
There is no evidence of women deacons in Rome but many in the "Nestorian' Church".
Hell is hot, pray for them
Unless you repent, you will perish! (Lk 13:3) (Open letter to the Bishops of Germany)

January 9, 2019

Dear Bishops of Germany,

at this historic time, make a true diagnosis of the state of German theology and admit the disastrous fruits it has borne for both the Church and the world. We witness mass apostasy from the living faith and the spread of heresies denying the very essence of Christ’s …