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Radical Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

It has emerged from Friday's Vatican trial against Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella, 51, that the late Milan Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini was Capella’s promoter. Capella, a former collaborator of …
No, he isn't just said to be, Francis has said this one and communist Helder Camara are his role models
Holy Cannoli
The picture included in the above story appears to be the late Milan Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini. This is a photo of Capella.
A Vatican court has found Holy See diplomat Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella guilty of possessing and distributing child pornography and sentenced him to 5 years in jail with a €5000 fine.
EN:NEWS: "Martini, a Jesuit and pro-gay and anti-Catholic prelate, is considered Pope Francis' role model" True... but amongst fremasons in Italy, he was one of their own.