Someone needs professional help

Hillary Clinton: “I’d like to be president.” Clinton says she is not going to “think about” running until after midterms conclude.
Why won't she just go away? Just retire and go.
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alex j
This woman is like a leech. She just won't let go!
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We dont need to see or hear from this woman
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A man who is awake should know what he is saying, and why he is saying it — that is, he should have a fixed creed and relate it to a first principle. This is what most moderns will never consent to do.
Perhaps her occultist chum, bloody Marina Abramovic, will be her VP running mate.
Interesting that Hillary appreciates an occultist, who smears blood upon walls and other items during her exhibitions, and she also vigorously promotes tearing apart/killing babies who are within their mothers.
Hillary is death. - - Jesus Is Life.
Excellent, please let this toxic woman put herself forward.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Hillary Clinton is saying the kinds of things on tv that one says when one is running for President.